Straight Talking

Hints, tips and good old-fashioned car advice.

There used to be a time when mechanics were some of the most trusted professionals around. We think it’s time to bring that back.

At Autoco, we believe that you should feel just as certain about the advice you get from your mechanic as you do about advice from your doctor or accountant.

And because we’re setting out to change the way people think about their mechanics, our expert team are fiercely committed to honesty and giving you the best possible advice.

We call it Straight Talking.


My dealership said my warranty would be voided

Whilst your dealership mechanic will specialise in your make of vehicle, they do not have to repair or service your vehicle to maintain the log book compliance (which ensures your vehicle remains under warranty).

As reported by the Australian Aftermarket Association in June 2014:

‘The Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) has welcomed an Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) statement re-affirming that car owners can get their vehicle serviced by an independent repairer, using “appropriate quality” parts and qualified staff, and still maintain their manufacturer’s or extended warranty coverage.’

You can read more on this article here: vehicle servicing


Straight Talking means:

  • We’re 100% committed to doing what’s right for your car
  • We’ll never do anything without consulting you first
  • We’ll make sure you feel comfortable with all costs and what they mean
  • We’ll make sure you’re certain about any work organised
  • We’ll make sure you feel free to get a second opinion
  • We’ll keep you updated on progress if there’s an issue
  • We’ll do our best to answer any questions simply and honestly

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