Car Battery


What to look for with a faulty or failing car battery:

  • Inconsistency or difficulty starting your car on cooler mornings
    • Audio and interior light issues when ignition is switched on
    • Funny sounds such as churning & clunks when starting
  • Frequently needing to jump start your car
  • Heavy corrosion on the battery itself caused by leaking battery acid (when checking under the bonnet)
  • Battery warning light while driving, indicating an issue with the charging system
  • Automatic Stop/Start system not shutting off when at traffic lights etc, or warning light for system on



How long does the average car battery last in Canberra?

On average the life span of a car battery is between 3 – 4 years. However, there are additional factors that may affect your battery lifespan such as:

  • How often you’re driving, type of driving (long drives are better than frequent, short trips)
  • Leaving lights on or doors open
  • Extreme weather (battery damage is done during heat, but manifests during cold)