Fuel Injection & Tuning

We keep your car running smoothly

Is your car’s fuel injection system delivering the precise amount of fuel needed by its engine for maximum performance? If you’re not sure, then talk to us – Autoco has the technology and expertise to maximise your car’s fuel efficiency and performance. Our process of testing and refining all components of your car’s fuel injection system will save you time and money. A qualified auto electrician can help you detect problems early.

Indications of problems with your cars fuel injection system include:

  • Low or no power
  • Erratic idling or stalling
  • High fuel consumption
  • Trouble starting
  • Backfiring
  • Engine surging
  • Black smoke from exhaust
  • Low performance
  • Computer engine light coming on
  • Excessive noise

If your car has any of these symptoms, call us to discuss or bring your car to our workshop. A quote will always be provided to you before any work is carried out.

If your car is seriously ill, we have a 24 hour towing service, call 0408 631 998.