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For affordable and comprehensive transmission and clutch repairs in Canberra, our team can perform all your automotive servicing and mechanical repair needs.


Keep Your Car Safe with Professional Transmission and Clutch Repair

Whether your clutch pedal goes to the floor, is hard to get into gear, car is leaking fluid, car won’t move when you let the clutch out or the clutch is slipping whilst driving, Autoco is here to help. Our team of highly skilled car mechanics can repair all types of clutches for all makes and models. Book in now for clutch repairs and ensure your car is safe on the road.

What Causes Clutch Damage?

One of the hardest-working components in any vehicle with a manual transmission, the clutch engages and disengages with every start, stop and gear change. Over time, the friction between the clutch disc and pressure plate generates heat, resulting in wear and tear and this leads to slower acceleration and a spongy feeling clutch pedal. Besides everyday wear and tear, there are a many other factors that can damage your clutch – inexperienced drivers riding the clutch, regular heavy towing and regular heavy acceleration.

Symptoms You May Be in Need of Clutch Repairs

Don’t put yourself or your family in danger. If your car has any of the following symptoms, call us to discuss or bring your car to our workshop. Most problems are easy to diagnose and quick to fix meaning you’ll drive away 100% safer, faster than you think.

  • Steering shakes
  • Car vibrates
  • Brakes shudder when braking
  • Gear shift crunching
  • Jumps out of gear
  • Clutch slipping
  • Handbrake not holding
  • Any fluid leaks

If your car has any of these problems, call us to speak to one of our automotive experts or bring your car in for professional diagnosis and repair. We will always quote first and receive your approval before carrying out any work.

Book a Service Today

We provide clutch repairs and car clutch replacement in Canberra, as well as a full range of automotive servicing and mechanical repairs to customers throughout the ACT, including log book servicing, fuel injection servicing, brakes upgrade and auto electrical repairs. If your car is showing any signs of needing clutch replacement or repairs, then get in touch with the team at Autoco by calling one of our conveniently located workshops or make a booking enquiry online now.

And if your car is seriously ill, we have a 24 hour towing service, call 0408 631 998.