ADAS by Autoco

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Whats the big deal with ADAS?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or more simply “ADAS”, are the systems in modern vehicles designed to augment the drivers awareness of the road, and world around them.

An example of an ADAS system could be something as simple as a warning lamp in a exterior mirror if another vehicle is detected ina blind spot, through to something as complex as Automatic Cruise Control, which monitors the speed of vehicles ahead and keeps a safe distance by speeding up and slowing down the car.

When drivers become accustomed to having these systems operational in their vehicles, they may become ‘comfortable’ with the systems ability to alert them to road dangers and maintain correct postion on the roadway. It is then obviously important to ensure these systems work exactly as expected, when expected.

When is a calibration required?

The most likely time a vehicle will need an ADAS calibration is after accident repairs. Due to the location of the sensors in ADAS systems, they are often damaged in an accident. Also, most vehicle manufactures will require a sensor to be recalibrated even if removed and refitted to the same location.

A sensor refitted to the same location may only end up a millimetre or two away from where is was. The problem is, that two millimetres at the radar can be metres of difference when the sensor is looking at vehicles 150m down the road!

What can we do about this?

Here at ADAS by Autoco, we can ensure your ADAS system – whether a rear blind spot monitor, an adaptive cruise radar, a front lane departure camera, and anything in between – is calibrated and operation as designed by the manufacturer.

Using equipment and software from major aftermarket providers, including Hella, Autel and TEXA, we ensure the cameras and radars in the vehicle are aiming in the correct direction, and are focusing on what they are expecting to see.